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The last week has involved: cataloguing for Tauranga library, trying  to hunt down some non existant publications by Ernst and Young about risk management, cataloguing online versions of District Plans and Regional Policy Statements to our catalogue … and it continues.

On the home front, we’re stripping wallpaper, awaiting an ‘ok’ from EQC to go ahead with having our drain, which has been excavated, repaired, and awaiting a floor sander to polish up those rimu floor planks we unearthed when we pulled up the carpet. We’ve had two calls from Customer Service Support at EQC to investigate our claim which has been ‘escalated’ because our property was misdiagnosed at some point (more on this later - I’ll be in full fight so be prepared) as ‘moderate damage’ rather than ‘severe damage’.

Today was a frantic frazzle. Splitting my collection of three boxes of books between two office sites didn’t take long. The equivalent of one box stayed with the designers and landscape planners. The rest went to our new office space in the back of my car, to Ivan Jamieson Place.There I found a box of our library books I’d not seen before (where did they drop in from?), an other box of privately owned books on ecological topics, and my own box of books awaiting cataloguing and or labeling (everyone in the office has a cardboard box to keep their stuff in, aside from books to be worked on, mine consists of a pen and a pad of post-it notes.)

The result of all this work was creating a further box of books to be returned to the office at Sir Gil Simpson, and delivery of books staff needed asap.

We have no library shelves in either office. The books are filed in plastic and cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes - I’ve ordered more plastic boxes. At least if there is, by some horrid twist of fate, a flood, the books won’t get wet. And they are easy to pick up and pop in the boot of a car.

This evening I’ve answered a reference enquiry from a staff member looking for images of solar panels, electricity masts and cell phone towers. Thanks Flickr for your advanced search function!

Tomorrow I have an all day knowledge management meeting, and on Sunday night I fly to Tauranga for two days to finish up at the office library there. I won’t be accompanied by my daughter this time, but by Flat Stanley. Jimmy, my nearly-8-year-old nephew in Dunedin, is doing a Flat Stanley Project and so I thought Stanley, and his travel journal, could come up with me. If he’s good, he might get to come up to the Auckland office in July, and to Walking with Dinosaurs with me.

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