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Remoting it … 9 #eqnz

I arrived in Tauranga on Sunday night (1/5) to drizzle, over the next 24 hours it escalated to lashing rain and gusts of wind which destroyed my brolly. Note to self. Add a raincoat to travelling librarian kit.

I’m here at the Tauranga office of Boffa Miskell until Friday lunchtime - here’s what I’ve been up to so far …

Day one: Reassessing what needs to be done:

  • finish cataloguing the collection of guidelines
  • weeding and arranging the hard landscaping resources (paving stones, tactile pavers, weed mat etc!!!)
  • assigning jobs to P and L - district plans and landscape resources collections, and of course, more labeling!

Day two:

  • weeded landscape resources shelves (product information) - half is in the recycling
  • moving landscape resources to sit with the hard resources
  • weeding the district plansĀ 
  • more cataloguing, think my fingers are going to fall off
  • meeting with the ecologists to discuss their office library, made a plan together that incorporates cataloguing their own books as well
  • negotiating a visit to the Auckland office to do similar work for them in their library!

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